DUI Attorney Beverly Hills

Have you or someone you know been arrested for a DUI in Beverly Hills? If yes, then Ardalon Fakhimi can offer you the assistance you now require. He is the owner of California Criminal Defense Center, a top-rated law firm that extensively practices DUI Defense throughout all of the chief counties of Southern California. As a knowledgeable DUI lawyer based in Beverly Hills, Mr. Fakhimi has successfully negotiated as well as litigated several thousand DUI cases varying from simple misdemeanors to violent and serious felonies.

A DUI charge can affect an individual mentally and emotionally, as his or her reputation is at risk, and he or she might have to spend a long time in prison. The offender might be subjected to a simple misdemeanor charge or a serious felony. A misdemeanor is described as a crime that is punishable by a fine, imprisonment in county jail, or both a fine and imprisonment in the county jail. A felony is defined as a crime which is punishable by imprisonment in county jail or the state jail, or by death. It is not prescribed as punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for up to three years until the crime is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail.

Ardalon Fakhimi is a top-rated DUI attorney in Beverly Hills who is proficient in handling every kind of DUI charge. You don’t need to live with the tainted image of a drunk driver for the rest of your life. He thoroughly reviews cases while considering a number of things, for instance:

1. Was your blood alcohol level above the legal limit at the time of driving?
2. Are the police records (chemical test and FST) unbiased?
3. Did the police officer carry out a field sobriety test?
4. Was the PAS (Preliminary Alcohol Screening) test performed properly by     the officer?

With more than 14 years of experience in successfully dealing with DUI Defense cases, Ardalon Fakhimi has a thorough understanding of all types of breath-alcohol devices used by police agencies throughout Beverly Hills. Besides legal training, he has received law enforcement training in the calibration as well as the use of these devices by specialists in the field. To consult Mr. Fakhimi, an experienced DUI attorney in Beverly Hillscall 1-800-DUI-KING (1-800-384-5464).