DUI Under 21

California law takes driving under the influence extremely seriously, and that is even truer for under 21 drivers. California has established a so-called “zero tolerance” policy for young drivers who are not yet legally permitted to drink. Therefore, even very low amounts of blood alcohol that would not be cause for arrest for drivers 21 and over can be treated as fully fledged DUIs with young adults. Even as little as .01% blood alcohol can result in suspension of a license for an entire year. Readings of 05 and above, which is still usually not a DUI for an adult, can result in serious charges that will go on the young driver’s record and may make getting into a college or obtaining a job more difficult. Alcohol levels of .08 and greater can result in additional, very expensive, fines and fees, lengthy probation, and other penalties.

Ardalon Fakhimi of California Criminal Defense Center is one of the most skilled and experienced DUI lawyers in the Greater Los Angeles Area. He has helped countless young men and women obtain the best possible outcomes when dealing with the many legal issues that stem from charges of DUI under-21. Even in cases where there are multiple charges stemming from the arrest, a great deal can be done that can lessen the charges and, in some cases, result in acquittals. If you or a relative has been arrested on under-21 DUI charges that could result in difficulties for years to come, you are invited to contact us at 1-800-DUI-KING or through our contact page.