DUI Expungement

DUI expungement is the preferred remedy for people who have had difficulties in the wake of a conviction. When drivers are convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) in California, the incident will go on the driver’s record at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and on his or her criminal record. After ten years, the conviction will be deleted from the DMV’s records, but the criminal conviction will remain on a person’s record permanently, unless it is expunged (removed) from their record. This is an important distinction because landlords, potential employers, and others can require you to tell them about any criminal convictions, which will also show up on criminal background checks.

Fortunately, Ardalon Fakhimi and California Criminal Defense Center are help to help clients permanently remove past DUI convictions from their criminal records. An expungement requires reopening the original case so that the court can go over such matters as whether or not an individual avoided further serious traffic or other offenses, whether he or she completed probation appropriately, and so on. Once the expungement has occurred, individuals are legally allowed to answer “no” when asked about whether or not he or she has ever been charged with or convicted of an offense.

The expungement process can be quite complex and challenging. Legal experts agree that the help of a skilled and experienced attorney is essential for obtaining an expungement in most cases. Ardalon Fakhimi of California Criminal Defense Center is a widely respected attorney who has been able to help a great many clients with past convictions completely put their past issues behind them and move on with their lives. To get started, contact us today 1-800-DUI-KING or through our contact page.