Domestic Violence Attorney Los Angeles

Domestic Violence cases are treated as some of the most serious offenses in California today. There have been many recent changes in Domestic Violence laws, creating more serious consequences for individuals charged with these offenses.

Due largely to recent publicity surrounding high profile Domestic Violence cases, these cases are aggressively prosecuted throughout Southern California by the DA’s Offices and the City Attorney’s Offices.

Domestic Violence Lawyer Los Angeles at California Criminal Defense Center places a strong emphasis on Domestic Violence defense. Our attorneys have many years of experience, and have handled thousands of Domestic Violence cases throughout Southern California. We stay abreast of the most recent changes in Domestic Violence law, thereby enabling us to more effectively represent our clients.

Our domestic violence attorneys los Angeles have also acquired a unique familiarity with creative sentencing alternatives, which we utilize in cases lacking strong legal defenses. Even in serious cases, this knowledge frequently provides our clients with a smooth path into a program rather than the terrifying road to jail.

The most common Domestic Violence charges are:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Spousal abuse
  • Abuse of cohabitant
  • Abuse in a dating relationship
  • Abuse in a former dating relationship
  • Criminal threats
  • Child abuse / Child endangerment
  • Elder abuse
  • Stalking
  • Annoying phone calls (harassing phone calls)
  • Restraining order violations
  • False imprisonment
  • Damage to a wireless device
  • Damage to a utility line
  • Dissuading a witness
  • Kidnapping
  • P.C. 243(e)(1)
  • P.C. 273.5(a)

Typically, a defendant is charged with several of these offenses. However, a person charged with any one of these offenses faces incarceration, probation, and attendance in a mandatory Domestic Violence program. Additionally, a restraining order is usually issued against the accused from the outset of the case and against the wishes of both parties. Finally, an alleged “victim” of Domestic Violence is not given the authority to decide whether she/he wants to press charges. Rather, the prosecuting agency will make that decision after reviewing the police report. In fact, a significant percentage of cases are filed against the accused over the objection of the alleged victim!

For this and other reasons, you should seek the advice of a qualified attorney at the earliest possible stage. Ideally, you should contact a lawyer well in advance of the first scheduled court date.

Attorney Ardalon Fakhimi will work diligently to obtain optimum results by navigating your way through the perils and pitfalls inherent in your Domestic Violence case. Call us at California Criminal Defense Center to set up your free and confidential consultation with Mr. Fakhimi.  Call toll free 1-800-384-5464.