Prescription Meds DUI

Prescription meds DUI charges have become more common in recent years, as police and prosecutors have become increasingly aware of the fact that impairment from the use of prescription drugs can be prosecuted in the same way as impairment due to alcohol or recreational drugs. Drug prosecutions, however, are even more complex and fraught with potential problems than alcohol related DUIs. The blood and urine tests typically used in these prosecutions can be more difficult to fight in some cases, as there is no set amount of any given drug found in the blood that can determine guilt in the same way as results from breath or blood test. While this reality can allow prosecutors further latitude to prosecute, it also frees the defense to argue that, while the drug might have been in the person’s system to some degree, it was legally ingested and not actually impairing the driver’s ability in any way. This can even apply to marijuana, now both a prescription and a legal recreational drug.

It takes an extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled lawyer, to provide an adequate defense in a case involving driving and the use of legal prescription and non-prescriptions drugs. Ardalon Fakhimi of California Criminal Defense Center is one of the most respected attorneys now helping defendants in all types of DUI cases. He can explore both evidentiary and procedural problems – such as a lack of sufficient probable cause or other elements of due process – that can make the difference between a conviction and an acquittal. In situations where convictions cannot be avoided, Mr. Fakhimi can also work effectively to reduce the seriousness of charges, especially in terms of an individual’s criminal and DMV records.

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