Attorney Profile

Attorney Ardalon Fakhimi is the general trial counsel and founder of California Criminal Defense Center. For more than 18 years, his legal career has been exclusively limited to the practice of criminal and DUI defense.

In the early stages of his legal training, Mr. Fakhimi amassed a wealth of knowledge and trial experience while working and interning for the offices of the Attorney General and Public Defender. In doing so, Mr. Fakhimi gained significant insight into both criminal prosecution and criminal defense. However, the vast majority of Mr. Fakhimi’s career has been focused primarily on the defense of criminal and DUI cases. For well over a decade, Mr. Fakhimi has litigated and negotiated several thousand of such cases.

Mr. Fakhimi routinely handles all facets of criminal cases, ranging from simple misdemeanors to serious and violent felonies in the Superior Court of California. Aside from DUI defense, much of Mr. Fakhimi’s criminal practice is devoted to defending:

  1. Domestic violence cases
  2. Theft offenses
  3. Vehicular offenses
  4. Drug & Alcohol offenses

He also has expert knowledge on handling alcohol and drug-related DUI cases at both the misdemeanor and felony levels, while concurrently representing clients in administrative hearings at the Drivers Safety Offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles. As a member of many nationally recognized organizations devoted to DUI defense, Mr. Fakhimi stays abreast of the most recent changes in DUI law and the scientific developments in DUI cases.

Finally, Mr. Fakhimi has an in-depth understanding of the leading breath-alcohol devices used by police agencies throughout Southern California. In addition to his legal training, he has acquired law enforcement training in the use and calibration of such devices by one of the leading experts in the field.

Unlike many offices that assign young associates to make court appearance on behalf of clients, Mr. Fakhimi personally appears in court on behalf of each and every client. All negotiations, settlement discussions, hearings, and litigation are handled by him personally.

Please contact California Criminal Defense Center if you would like to confidentially discuss your case with Mr. Fakhimi. We would be happy to setup a free telephonic consultation with Mr. Fakhimi at no obligation to you. You may also make arrangements to meet with him in person to discuss your case. California Criminal Defense Center and the Law Offices of Ardalon Fakhimi offer numerous locations where you can meet with Mr. Fakhimi for your consultation.