DUI Checkpoints

DUI sobriety checkpoints are vehicle roadblock screenings that are temporarily set up by police agencies on public roadways in order to catch motorists who may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Typically, several DUI checkpoints are set up in multiple locations in a given city or county at the same time.  When motorists drive through the checkpoints, some vehicles will be stopped for mandatory screening.  Vehicles are not simply stopped at the officers’ discretion.  Rather, a neutral system must be used to stop vehicles, such as every nth vehicle (i.e. every 4th vehicle).  The stopped motorist may be asked to perform various field sobriety tests and may also be asked to submit to a chemical breath test.

We have developed a system to keep you informed of all the DUI sobriety checkpoints throughout Los Angeles County and Orange County.  Law enforcement agencies usually set up the DUI checkpoints Thursdays through Sundays, with additional checkpoints set up during major holidays.

Law enforcement agencies are legally required to disclose the date and location each checkpoint in advance of setting any up.

We provide you with the locations of the checkpoint as they are made available by the law enforcement agencies.  Therefore, you can anticipate the time and location of the checkpoint and avoid it altogether.

To see our list of DUI sobriety checkpoints in Los Angeles Count, please click the following link:

DUI Sobriety Checkpoint