DUI Lawyer in Orange County

Are you looking for a veteran DUI lawyer in Orange County California who can represent you for DUI charges? If you or someone you know has been charged with or arrested for a DUI, you need an experienced attorney whose practice is exclusively limited to Driving Under the Influence. Attorney Ardalon Fakhimi is a trusted and seasoned DUI attorney in Orange County California, who is also the founder of California Criminal Defense Center. Our law office exclusively handles DUI and criminal cases, with multiple office locations throughout Southern California.

DUI is a criminal charge that requires specific expertise related to DUI laws as well as DUI science.   Many clients charged with DUI have feelings of fear, confusion, anxiety, depression, frustration and sometimes anger.  Many drivers who are charged with DUI did not feel impaired or intoxicated at the time of driving.   While it may be illegal for a person to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drug(s) – or under the combined influence of these two – the analysis is not a simple one and many defenses exist to this charge.  It is not uncommon for a person to get upset after reading the police officer’s report stating that the driver performed poorly in the field sobriety tests (FSTs) or balance and coordination tests.  Many clients disagree with the officer’s observations and develop feelings of hopelessness as to the probable outcome of their case.  Fortunately, there are often ways to verify the veracity of the police officer’s report, making it important to hire a qualified attorney who can uncover the hidden gems in each client’s case.

Mr. Fakhimi, a knowledgeable DUI lawyer in Orange County, offers compassionate, dedicated, and experienced representation for his clients. He has the skills and expertise essential to formulate the best possible defense strategy unique to each client. He understands and counsels his clients on how to deal with a variety of personal difficulties that can develop after a DUI arrest. Mr. Fakhimi carefully explains what his clients can expect during every phase of their case; he explains their defenses; and he counsels them on the best course of actions based on the client’s needs.  He will also spend considerable time explaining what impact the DUI may have on a client’s work, school, driving privileges, liberties, and finances.  He personally handles all phases of your DUI case, without appointing tasks to other staff members or lawyers.

Mr. Fakhimi has successfully negotiated and litigated thousands of DUI cases, including first time DUI violations, felony DUI violations, and DUI-with-prior violations.  He personally answers all client questions while meticulously and thoughtfully navigating them through every phase of their case.   Mr. Fakhimi is considered as among the best DUI lawyers in Orange County. Individuals can call him at his office to obtain detailed information about his qualifications, accomplishments, and his legal background. He is a member of the most recognizes associations committed to the defense of DUI cases.

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